Converting a Sprinter Van to a Motorhome

Before we began a search for the van to convert we sat down with a pen and paper then jotted down our needs for the van:

  • Must be a 4x4
  • The van will be going to places other van cannot go, size is critical – not to big and not to small…
  • Must be off grid – electricity, heating, cooking and water.
  • Must be snug and warm
  • A boot/garage to carry wood, chairs, tables, food, clothes and stuff.
  • Repairable using rubber bands and chewing gum!
  • Have a shower and toilet
  • A big comfy bed
  • Kitchen with hob, sink, and storage
  • Table and chairs in the back which can also safely/legally carry people whist driving.

We found a 1999 medium wheel base Mercedes Sprinter 312D 4x4, the price was right and the rust was right!

Toilet and Shower – Sprinter Van Conversion

I think a place to pee, poo & shower is a must, what do you do when its freezing outside and you need to go in the middle of night? Yeah you carry your toilet, makes sense. It takes up a lot of space but its essential. (The toilet more than the shower!) The toilet...

The Kitchen – Sprinter Van Conversion

Not a lot of space for all the comforts, we had to ditch the water heater/tank but we have a kettle to heat up water; works just as well. We managed to squeeze in the other items on the wanted list. Here is how our kitchen is arranged. Its all Ikea cabinets, doors and...

The Table – Sprinter Van Conversion

This space needed to be multifunctional, a table that folds away was the best option for us, also the idea of having to fit a support leg every time it was needed did not appeal to me at all, it would be a pain the ass, plus you have to find a place to hide the leg...

The Boot / Garage

We wanted a space to store those bits and bobs that do not belong in the house, like the stuff you keep in the garage! To name a few: Tables and chairs. Extra food and wine. Wood and coal Tools / rope Brush Curved retaining armature stick used to unwind the awning...

Headliner Shelf Sprinter Van

This project took a little bit of thought, what with angles and dangles. You will need Cardboard - needed to make a template for the angled corners. Plywood - needed for the shelf. Wood - used to make a lip for the shelf so your stuff will stay in place when driving....


The plan here was keep it simple, four overhead cabinets and a draw between the two seats. (Not including the kitchen draws and cupboard.) I know this is not motorhome thing to do... We bought the cabinets from Ikea and modified the carcases to fit the angles of the...

The Bed Sprinter Van Conversion

We wanted a large comfy bed, not always possible in space of 3 meters by 1.8 meters, if a shower and toilet room is planned. The solution we opted for was a raised slide out bed. Tried and tested guaranteed to work. End result a large comfy bed that slides out over...