The Kitchen - Sprinter Van Conversion

Not a lot of space for all the comforts, we had to ditch the water heater/tank but we have a kettle to heat up water; works just as well. We managed to squeeze in the other items on the wanted list. Here is how our kitchen is arranged. Its all Ikea cabinets, doors and drawers, yes they do add weight to the van, but with a few modifications they fitted quite well.

Sprinter Van Conversion Kitchen

A Smev Hob twin burner is powered by a bottle of Campingaz 907, seems to last a long time, costs more but takes up very little space and is widely available in Europe. The bottle lives in sealed cupboard under the fridge.

Sprinter Van Conversion Hob

The fridge is a 12V Isotherm, I’ve tried the 3 way ones, more faff to install and it needed extra vents holes in the side of the van, no good, so sold it and spent a little more on the Isotherm, not looked back since.

Sprinter Van Fridge

The sink is a dometic, with a glass lid and push down tap, the water is pumped from a 50ltr fresh water tank, (From CAK Tanks.) under the van by a ShurFlo pump, the grey water is dropped to the ground. There is not any more room under the van for a grey water holding tank.

Sprinter Van - Kitchen

The stuff under the sink cupboard, Ikea has great storage ideas.

Sprinter Van Conversion