A Sunny, Wet and Windy Trip to Shell Island Wales

First advanture in the Renault Master

After two and a half months converting the Renault Master from a used NHS ambulance to our mobile office / camper van with a view, came the first shake down test. We decided to check out Shell Island on the west coast of Wales. In true British weather this weekend was just like winter but warmer!

A small to do list was drawn up, but over all the van accomplishes the end goal of ‘A comfy van to work, rest and play with a view’

We took a few pictures of our time at Shell Island.


Making kindling for the hopeful fire

View looking out over the harbour
This be the makings of an late breakfast or early lunch.
These are so cool at night!
A have dressing gowns that match the blinds!
Gett’in some stuff done
A moody looking day
Was out looking for drift wood and found this!


This is our wine cellar

This is me putting a bottle of fizzy water in the fridge.

Hummm, so refreshing.

Ok its now time for a walk, oh yes and it’s still very windy!

Working hard as we head into the wind.

As demonstrated below:

The van perched by the harbour, kindly waiting for us.

Is it going to rain or shine

Seagulls having fun in the wind

Such thick clouds heading in from the sea

The clouds begin the part.. Its looking like we’re in for a sunset!

4G Internet on the move… Love it!

This is our sky light/Star watching roof.

What is it about Instagram and feet shots?

So much more colourful in the sun shine

The sun’s low in the sky. Shadows and golden light

Prosecco and raspberries and Free From dairy cheese… Nice

Good Morning

Feet up by Lake Balla.

June 2017

The Van Plan

Buy a van, (Or two.) Convert to a motor home then explore the UK and Europe, reaching places on the map other van travellers can not reach while enjoying vanlife in comfort.