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Master Campervan For Sale | Our AdVANture


 We are selling our beloved  Renault Master Campervan  conversion. We have had many an exciting and memorable ‘advanture’ in our Master. Now the time has come to pass her onto someone else to enjoy and care for.

We have bought a forest and now we need to focus on that. We don’t want to use the camper to carry tools and equipment to and from the forest as this would damage the lovely interior.

The van was converted from an 8 seater passenger ambulance. We took the seats out and what a job that was!

The interior was designed to have clean lines, be clutter free  and to have plenty of storage. We have made a place for everything and it all comes out and goes away as easily as possible.  We have a shower and toilet cubicle which is also great for use as a wardrobe and storage for wet gear when the UK weather does its usual thing!

The van is completely ‘off grid’. The power comes from two solar panels, the water is ‘on board’ in an under slung 85 litre tank and a Campingaz 907 cylinder powers the cooker and shower. This can be exchanged throughout Europe which is why we chose it. The van has space for one tank in the kitchen area and a smaller spare tank 904 which is kept under the bed.

The van has a shower and chemical toilet which we think is essential! There is no way we are spending our time looking for a loo, digging a hole in the dark and cold or figuring out where the next shower is coming from! Nothing better than a hot shower, a large 5 KW Erberspacher heater, a glass of something and a comfy bed with a fabulous view. So cozy at anytime of the year!


Master Campervan for sale

Here are the details:-

  • 2004 Renault Master LM35 DCI 120 LWB 
  • High Roof
  • 120 BHP Diesel
  • 192 000 Miles
  • MOT 12 months
  • 4 New Tyres
  • Serviced regularly and last serviced less that 5000 miles ago
  • Three keys and one none electric key
  • One former owner  
  • 85 Litre water storage
  • 5 KW Erberspacher Air Heater (connected to diesel tank)
  • Shower and Thetford chemical toilet
  • Custom made powder coated metal pull out bed with gas struts
  • Ikea kitchen
  • 130 Litre Isotherm Frigde 
  • Sure Flow 12v Pump
  • Fiamma expansion tank
  • Dometic Sink and two burner hob
  • Two 100 w solar panels
  • 2 x 110 amp hour leisure batteries
  • 1000 w pure sine 240 volts inverter with remote switch and battery monitor
  • Durite volt sensing relay
  • Upgraded Pioneer Speakers
  • Custom spot lights 
  • D cell  Maglight and Holder to drivers rear
  • Fire Blanket 
  • Powder Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Water tank level metre
  • Flip up table
  • Swivel passenger seat
  • Thermal window covers
  • Custom made seat covers
  • Under seat tool storage
  • Storage for table, stools and window thermal blinds behind drivers seat

The van interior has everything you need for a comfortable and cosy adventure.

The number of limo tinted windows means that the views are always a major feature of where ever you choose to stay. You can see out but are not able to been seen from the outside. But don’t have the lights on at night as you Will be seen then! The windows have pull down blinds and grey double thickness curtains for good insulation. There are privacy curtains at the front to curtain off the cab and at the back as draught insulation at night.

The van has the original storage lockers which provide masses of storage and fit Ikea storage boxes, The kitchen has a two burner gas hob. There are new speakers made by Pioneer fitted in the roof. There are super useful spice storage racks too,

The storage locker doors are painted with chalk board paint so you can use them for lists, ideas, recipes, sweet messages of love  or just enjoy scribbling on them.

There are plenty of hooks to hang up towels, clothes etc.

The kitchen worktop is from Ikea and is a dark wood style as is the flip up table over the fridge.

There is loads of prep space for cooking and for working on your laptop too.

There are two handy rails in the kitchen area which have eight storage pots to store of all manner of stuff


The kitchen has masses of organised space with everything you need for a fantastic time. Everything has a place and is easy to access and put away when you move on.  There are four deep drawers for clothes storage and the shower cubicle can be used as a hanging space too. 


The camper has a huge Isotherm 130 litre 12 v compresser fridge – model number CR120 EL.

The fridge alone is big enough to store food for a week. As we eat plant based this was essential for us to store enough veggies without shopping every day!

The fridge has a worktop which can be used as extra prep space, work space or a side table when chilling out on the sofa.

There is a shoe storage cubby to the side of the fridge which gives a  handy and essential place  for dirty shoes and clean ones of course.

There is also a flip up table which forms a dining table or a work space with access to the outdoors. There are two flip up stools which fit behind the drivers seat for when you want to use the table as a work/dining table. 

The flip up part also make a great serving table when you are eating outside and cooking inside. 

The flip up table to the side of the fridge makes a super useful table for eating or working. Two slide up hinges support the table when it is in use.

The bed is custom made in powder coated metal and really easy to pull out. The mattress is in two parts and forms the sofa in day mode. It is made from an Ikea mattress and is super comfprtable. The covers are in a grey Chenille fabric with zips so they can be removed for easy washing.

The bed lifts up and there is masses of storage space for bedding, camp chairs, drinking water, and whatever else you need to carry.

The electrics are located under the bed.



The van has a shower and a Thetford  chemical toilet.

The shower is heated by a heater which is located in a pull out unit for safe use and ventilation.

The water for the shower is filled internally from the main 85 litre water tank located under the van. The shower is fed from a 10 litre container located inside the van. This means the water for your shower can be kept at the temperature in the van which is great in winter. This keeps the water warmer that the outside temperature and reduces the gas needed to heat it. It is good for controlling the amount of water used in a shower and because it is a separate water supply it can also be filled using rain water and other non drinking water so as not to drain the main water tank.

The shower head is a low flow spray unit which reduces the amount of water used. We can have two luxurious hot showers from one 10 litre fill.

The van has a really big and  useful storage shelf over the cab.

The front passenger seat swivels round. 

There is a tool storage compartment under the passenger seat.

The van has a handy shoe storage space at the entrance.

Behind the drivers seat is a spotlight and maglight torch and holder. 

The 5 KW Erberspatcher heater is located under the kickplate in the passenger seat foot well. 

The bed is easy to set up in the evening. The mattress is from Ikea and is very comfortable.

The Electrics

Two 200W Solar panels

240AH Leisure batteries

1000W Pure sine wave inverter (For 240V Electricity)

12V Shurflo water pump

Fiamma Expansion Tank

Volt sensitive relay (The solar panels keep the engine battery topped up!)

240V Sockets in handy locations around the van

USB Sockets in handy locations around the van

12V Sockets in handy

Water tank level meter

Fully fused 12V/240V system with isolation switches

5KW Eberspacher diesel heater with temperature (From the vans fuel tank.)

Switchable LED 12V lighting

The views from the expansive van windows are amazing – depending on where you park of course!

The views from the expansive van windows are amazing – depending on where your park of course!

The body work of the van shows signs of its age and has a few battle scars where we have been too adventurous! There a a few dents and scratches as show in these photos. Unlike the Sprinter Van the Master does not rust when the paint is chipped.