Tibbie Shiels Inn Campsite

St Mary's Loch - Scotland

The Tibbie Shiels Inn Campsite is located to the southern end of St Mary’s Loch with fabulous views of the hills nesting around the loch, when the light is right watch the hills mirroring in the water.

The campsite is basic, just a toilet. it’s a great spot to break up a long drive to the Scottish highlands. I think the inn is no longer being run as a pub.

If you have the time take a walk around St Mary’s. During our stay here we had some great Scottish weather… 15 minutes of sunshine followed by 15 minutes of rain.

Tibble Shiels Inn from our van


St Mary’s Loch through the trees


The still waters of St Mary’s Loch


The jetty from the campsite


Looking back at the campsite


Can you see the frog?


This will be a sauna and hot tub… Work in progress.


Take a walk around the loch


Lots of wild flowers to see


View from the sailing clubs boat house next to the campsite.


The view from the hot tub


This bridge goes over the water that joins Loch of The Lowes to St Mary’s Loch


A view from under the bridge to Loch of The Lowes


She’s just been let out!


 How big are these balls!


The Van and a bunch of Rams

Sprinter Camper

The Van

Sprinter Van

I think you can hire the boat

St Marys Loch

Tibbie Shiels Inn

Tibbie Shiels Inn

I can’t remember this photo been taken!


Is it a campsite or wildcamping here at Tibble Shiels? I think I will call it a campsite as you have to pay and you get a toilet.


July 2016

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