Skomer Island Views Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

Skomer - Islands

Early May Walk Along the Wales Coastal Path

Pembrokeshire Coastal Path has about 90 miles of coastal walks where the land meets the sea. We walked one small section which over looks Skomer and Skokholm Islands. There is a boat which take you to the islands each day called the Dale Princess. We saw amazing spring wild flowers, birds and a curious seal which checked us out and they swam off with a splash.

We saw Marloes Sands in the distance (famous for fossil finds apparently) Marloes Mere and Terry’s award winning ice-cream van. Terry later visited the campsite offering us ice-cream but no vegan ice-cream was available so we had to turn him down.


Walk along mile after mile of wild flower lined path.

Pembroke coast 1

The colours are amazing whites, pinks, blues and yellows.

Pembroke coast 2 Pembroke coast 3

Wooltack weather station at the top, below is where you catch the Dale Princess to Skomer Island.

Pembroke coast 4

Martins Haven

Pembroke coast 5

Price list and sailing times

Pembroke coast 6

This is what’s at the top of Wooltack Point.

Pembroke coast 7

Looking down at the car park below,

Pembroke coast 8

An isolated habitat for Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills and most likely other birds and wildlife.

Pembroke coast 9

Yes it’s a long way down.

Pembroke coast 10 Pembroke coast 11

Eating lunch at Martins Haven when this seal poked it’s head out of the water.

Pembroke coast 12

The boat finally arrived.

Pembroke coast 13

Gateholm Island

Pembroke coast 14

Marloes Sands

Pembroke coast 15

Pembroke Coast Path to Marloes Sands

Pembroke coast 16 Pembroke coast 17 Pembroke coast 18

Bird Hide just north of Marloes Sands looking over Marloes mere

Pembroke coast 19

Rusty barbed wire on a gate, the field has some cute black cows

Pembroke coast 20

This way to the beach.. I love this sign!

Pembroke coast 21

An hour or so later back at the campsite Terry the ice cream turned up to sell ice cream.

Pembroke coast 22

The gate to the cost path from West Hook Farm Campsite.

Pembroke coast

It would be good to cycle the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

The Van Plan

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