Neist Point - Isle of Skye Wild Camping

Neist Point sits on the west tip of the Isle of Skye with stunning panoramic views of the Outer Hebrides. Wait for the clear sunny evening and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic sunset. The road stops at a small car park with an odd little building. From here the journey to Neist Point Lighthouse carries on by foot.

Neist Point Light House

Be warned if you visit at the height of summer expect lots of tourists. Neist Point seems to be on the Isle of Skye coach route. Somehow we managed to park at the far end the car park! Amazing views first thing in the morning.

Neist Point

Watching the sun go down over the Outer Hebrides whilst dodging the flesh eating midges!

Neist Point Sunset

Neist Point Sunset

Followed by an appearance of the Moon.

Neist Point Moon Neist Point 5

Have you been to Neist Point during the winter? We would love to know if the roads are passable?

August 2015


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