Mam Tor and Drive to Ladybower Reservoir

The Peak District - November 2016

Breakfast at Mam Tor. The wind was blowing fresh, we needed a large bowl of tasty porridge to warm our cockles. Bring out the oats, fruits, nuts, chocolate and rice milk. A bowl of this will give enough energy to last you hours!

Park up at the Blue John Cavern and take the old road that is falling down the hill, at the bottom you will find a left turn that will take you to the top of the Tor but watch out for the mud!


All the ingredients you will need for the ultimate bowl of porridge.


Hummmm dsc_0070

The old A625 that’s falling down the hill


Over the years the road was repaired, but kept no sliding, eventually the road was closed in 1979


This part looks to be OK


Once car tyres rolled over the tarmac, now moss and grass have taken root.

dsc_0080 dsc_0086  dsc_0087

We took a short cut to the top. (It was quite steep!)


Happy days we reached the main path


Never rely on a cheap compass


On top of the world (Not quite at 517 meters.)


Found an effigy of a sun god! (But no sun today.)


The side of the Tor


Before sunset we headed of to take a look at Ladybower Reservoir



November 2016

The Van Plan

Buy a van, (Or two.) Convert to a motor home then explore the UK and Europe, reaching places on the map other van travellers can not reach while enjoying vanlife in comfort.