Christmas On The Beach

Black Rock Sands

Christmas on the beach sounded like a good plan. Loaded the van up with festive snacks and supplies and headed for Black Rock Sands for a few days. Checked the tide height and it’s safe to camp on the beach. We arrived to a wild stormy sea, wind and rain battering the van, but inside with the heater on and cooking our Christmas dinner all was toasty and warm!

Getting festive

Van in the dark

Battered by the wind and rain

Reflections on the window

Using the Ridge Monkey for the first time

Potatoes and stuffing on first

Ready to flip the Monkey

How to cook a Christmas dinner on two burners

A table set for me and you

A vegan Christmas dinner

Fairy lights

Boxing day, hello sunshine!

Those lazy mornings

Morning coffee with a sea view

Boxing day breakfast

Spiced apple candle buring

Boxing day walkers

Scramblers having tons of fun.

A little more rain

The 4 wheel drive failed to work. Fixed with a new vacuum pipe!

This is the far end of the beach, less people and less cars

Feet up

Looking at porn a again!

Making tracks


This couple asked for a help

Two hours before the tide comes in and stuck

In the end we dug the sand from the wheels and pushed!

Planning more adventures

A fab sunset

Van yoga

Love it.

Christmas and Boxing day 2016

The Van Plan

Buy a van, (Or two.) Convert to a motor home then explore the UK and Europe, reaching places on the map other van travellers can not reach while enjoying vanlife in comfort.