Campsite Over Looking Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond a place where you can’t wild camp during the summer months forced us to spend a night on a campsite. At this site for £12 a night will buy you view looking north from the southern off the loch, a fresh water standpipe and a hole to dump the loo… perfect luxury camping, no unnecessaries, let’s open a bottle of wine and enjoy the moon and stars.

Loch is big about 39km long and 8km wide in some parts and somewhat easy to access, which is why its so popular.

Camping Loch Lomond

Night drawing in over Loch Lomond

dusk loch lomond

Trying to get a shot of the moon on a point and shoot camera… just not enough light… Time for a better camera.

moonlight loch lomond

evening loch lomond

Fresh coffee.. Yum!

breakfast loch lomond

Stuffed with coffee, burgers and beans

breakfast loch lomond

Back doors open, view from the bed.

view from bed loch lomond

This looks like a new campsite or the images on Google Earth are old as the satellite image does not show this site.

Date: August 2015

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