Birthday Fun at Shell Island

Advanture in the Sprinter June 2017

At the end of June we decided to have a birthday celebration in Shell Island in the Sprinter Van.  We parked up in a small nook right next to the beach. This is the view of the path down to the with lovely pink unknown wild flowers. It was just a short hop downhill to the sandy beach. The sound of the waves could be heard in the night at different volumes depending on the position of the tide.

Big big skies  as we looked up from the beach.

And the beach all to us. The tide is out here.

Tide out exposing the rocks. In the distance is Criccieth and Harlech Castle and our other best wild camping spot Blackrock Sands.

A vegan dinner of Linda McCartney burger with avocado, tomato and baby leaf salad washed down with lovely Rioja.

Huge skies with sun bows looking towards Abersoch across the bay.

In the morning before we left we saw three dolphins enter the bay, swim about for half and hour and then leave as the tide went out. What a special birthday treat that was!

As we set up for our birthday party the tide was well out. We gathered sea weed and driftwood to start the beach fire.

What a beautiful arrangement of fire starting material from the beach.

Cheers! The tide is on it’s way in now. We wondered just how far it would make it up the beach.


The fire smoking and starting to burn……………..

Cooking outside on the meths burner is much cleaner than cooking on the fire. No black pans to wash.

This is what we had for dinner. These two rocks made the perfect wind shield and splash back for the cooker. The chopper in the picture is not the posh Swedish Axe we normally use. We left that in the Master Van.

Bringing a tray of goodies down to the beach from the Sprinter Van including ……………….

A delicious bottle of white wine- Sauvignon Blanc to be exact. Music by Bose – this battery powered music device is EPIC! Shells from Shell Island of Course.

At last the weather bucked up and we had a lovely sunset to enjoy with the last of the white wine. The fire has matured now thanks to the coal we always take so that we don’t need so much wood and the fire glows nice and hot. Sometimes we can even restart the fire the next day from the glowing embers of the coal.

No sure what is going on here but it looks like singing?

 Sun almost down and tide almost at its highest mark.

Sunsets spectacular glow.

#Bollinger time! It looks so lovely with the lights on.

A view of the party from the other side………………


Then we had much dancing – and falling over until all the wood and wine ran out!

June 2017  

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