Yummy Vegan Breakfast Oats With Chocolate For Energy

Great Before A Long Walk

veag camping food oatts

This hot oats breakfast is full of good things and will keep you going on a long  walk. We brought the oat mix with us. It has organic oats, gogi berries, sultanas, chopped dates, chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds in the mix. You can add any nuts and seeds you like. We add a banana, raspberries, blue berries and strawberries to the pan with a plant based milk of your choice. Heat for about five minutes. Save some fruit for adding at the end when the oats are hot.  We used rice milk. The fruit warms and blends really well with the banana and dates sweetening the oats. . Add a few pieces of dark dairy free chocolate at the end and melt it slightly through the hot oats. sprinkle with cinnamon for a delicious hot and filling breakfast.





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