A Night By Upper Derwent Valley Reservoir

November 2016

The peak district is just on our door step. An hours drive and your in the hills, surrounded by nature and people wearing a lot of colourful nylon based clothes! We had been to this spot before when out on a day advanture and said to each other we’ll come back here. Anyway we did, but this time we have mirror ball!

After a bite to eat and wine we set about setting up the van for a disco night.

  • Mirror ball tested and working.
  • LED lights set to flashing
  • Ipod full of funky disco music
  • The bar stocked with wine and vodka
  • Disco time

This sauce is magic

All gone – so tasty! (Its your turn to wash up.)

Testing the mirror ball – Yep it works.

Relocated the mirror ball to hang off the skylight

Hummm this vodka smells so good

Get down and boogie

Funky monkey

I can sing so well!

Reaching the high note now…

My knife and plug rack

Time to clear our heads – lets go for a walk

Found this sign – could not stop laughing.

I’ve got my nylon based clothes on too!

Hummm could I get the van across here?

Looking down Upper Derwent Reservoir

Driving with the mirror ball, but kept on getting dazzled.

Derwent dam – works a little like an infinity pool.

You can just see the water tumbling down the other side of the dam

These ducks sounded just like Donald Duck!

The Van Plan

Buy a van, (Or two.) Convert to a motor home then explore the UK and Europe, reaching places on the map other van travellers can not reach while enjoying vanlife in comfort.