Nantcol Campsite & Waterfalls

Sprinter Advanture in June 2017

It has been a while since we visited Nantcol Waterfalls in Wales UK so we decided to head that way and combine it with a trip to Shell Island which is a few miles away. There are lovely walks either along the river or you can take to the hills for a random wander about amongst the glacial boulders which are dotted about. We visited Camping Console for all things related to enjoying the great outdoors. The weather was typical Welsh summer weather – the same as winter only warmer!

The river runs downhill for miles and tumbles over the glacial rocks and boulders. The river was quite full this weekend. The river walk is really lovely once you negotiate the style and steep steps to the top of the hill.

There are steep cliffs and the rocks are really slippery so it is best to heed the advice on the sign. People have lost their lives here after falling from the cliff so take care and be safe by sticking to the paths.

Quite steep steps lead to the forest at the top where you will see the huge boulders deposited by the glacier when the ice melted thousands of years ago.

The path rises high above the river

This is the view from the top down to the campsite at the foot of the waterfalls below.

In June there are Foxgloves and Bracken Ferns  covering the ground along the banks of the river.

Slow speed and small aperture gives this blurred waterfall effect.

This beautiful spiders web caught raindrops and glistened in the light.You can see the spider’s nest right in the centre.

These pools are still when the rainfall is less and we have swum in them. They are raging here and too fast to swim in.

This way for the nature trail written on a large boulder left by the glacier when the ice melted.

Gorgeous lichen and moss decorate the rocks.

This is a lovely arrangement of rocks. The ice apparently carved out the lines in the rock as it moved along.

The most exquisite tiny flowers grow out of the moss on this rock.

A moment to ponder and take it all in on a dead tree branch which makes the perfect seat.

Fungi on dead wood is always a delight to see.

Fluffy lichen grows from tree bark like fur!

The Sprinter Van seen from above hidden in the trees next to the river.

Sprinter and stone fire pit.

Feet up time on the swivel seats.

A delicious Vegan Cheese and Wine Party Feast! Three cheeses from Sainsburys are Feta, Caramelised Onion and Wenselydale and Cranberries with Nairns Cracked Black Pepper and Seeded Oat Biscuits. The red wine from Rioja went down well as did the caramelised red onion chutney and semi sun dried baby tomatoes.

Then after the cheese board starter we had vegan Linda McCartney burger and avocado baby leaf salad on a wholewheat roll. Yum Yum YUM! So glad to be vegan!

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