Loch Rannock - Wild Camping

After watching a few YouTube videos of the area we just had to check it out, I’m glad we did. The loch is approx 9 miles long with a narrow road running around it, I found the scenery varied quite a lot. We stayed on the north side surrounded by Silver Birch. Even though you literately pull of the road to your spot, it did’t feel like you are next to a road.

Loch Rannock Wild Camping

Some good Scottish weather at play… Clear and dry then within a moments chucking it down!

Loch Rannock

Some dry weather coming.


Evening campfire and processing photos for the blog. A good point about this spot is the abundant supply of fire wood.

fire and evening meal loch rannock

Scottish Heather and Harebells


Breakfast, happy to stay here for a while.


Looking east…


Looking west…


I managed to find this spot on Google Earth, it was over grown with ferns, can you recommend another good spot on Rannock?

The Van Plan

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