Esclusham Mountains


Weather check for this weekend… Blue skies and very cold. Loaded the van up with snacks and supplies and hit the road. This time we decided to explore just the other side of the Welsh border and found a wild camping spot in the Esclusham Mountains… I’ve no idea how to pronounces this one! Had a bit of snow during the night, but woke up to a gorgeous sunny frost, sprinkling all exposed surfaces with a dash of white. The following day we chose a less challenging route through the well sign posted Llandegla forest.

Dressed like an spaceman ready to explore the moon!

Yes its this way! (I promise.)

Who put this here?

I can see our house from here!

There’s something about a tree trying to go in harsh environments.

The remains of mining activities litter the hills here.

We are here… Strange but we still had 4G… The OS map said there is a footpath but it lies, the path just ends.

So many plants growing with 50 shades of green.

Catkins delicately hanging from last years crop.

Who ever says cows are’t sentient beings needs their bumps reading.

We found this holly bush standing proud as punch showing off its abundant stock of bright red berries.

We’re going on a bear hunt… We can’t go over it. We can’t go around it. We can’t go under it. We’ll have to go through it!

So cute!

This must be the most adorable church going. Looks so Icelandic

The notice board is my favourite part. I think it needs a little TLC.

Part of the old lead mines of Minera

Hooray we made it back…

Such a wonderful sight, just inside this van we had clean dry socks, coffee, wine and food…

One of the views from our spot for the night.

The morning frost

Tire tracks frozen in time.

A view up the road

Basking in the mid morning sun.

The vans new shoes



A frozen puddle.

Hiding in Llandegla Forest.

Still very cold in the mid afternoon sun.

Water droplets clinging to the trees looking like diamonds.

How the landscape looks after deforestation.

Sunset on the way home.

February 2016



The Van Plan

Buy a van, (Or two.) Convert to a motor home then explore the UK and Europe, reaching places on the map other van travellers can not reach while enjoying vanlife in comfort.