Toilet & Shower - Sprinter Van Conversion

I think a place to pee, poo & shower is a must, what do you do when its freezing outside and you need to go in the middle of night? Yeah you carry your toilet, makes sense. It takes up a lot of space but its essential. (The toilet more than the shower!)

Shower & Toilet Sprinter Van

The toilet we fitted is a Thetford Cassette type, it has a flush that pulls water from the main water tank under the van. The waste drops into a cassette that can be accessed from a hatch.. Simply slide and dump!

Toilet Waste Sprinter Van

A moulded integrated shower tray is available for this toilet. It made life a little easer when it can to building the shower/toilet room, installing the plumbing.. Well worth buying one if your going for this type of Thetford toilet.

Thetford Toilet Sprinter Van

The cubical was built using stud walls and lined with 3mm ply coated in PVC helping to keep the water in the cubical and down the drain.

The shower is not necessary but good to have. I wanted a Eberspächer water and air heater but the unit is huge, the idea had to be ditched. The solution we used was a 10ltr water container, a submersible Whale pump that can be turned on and off when having a shower delivering water to the shower head. The water container can be refilled from the main tank under the van, controlled by the big red tap shown in the picture.

The Shower Sprinter Van Conversion

The ratio of cold to hot water for the perfect shower 4 litres of cold to 2 litres of boiling water makes for a steamy shower, more hot water may be needed in the winter. We use a small funnel to fill up the with hot water. Hot Shower Sprinter Van

Overall it works quite well. 7ish litres of water gives you about 4 minutes water flow time, which is long enough to get wet, turn the water off soap up and then rinse.

Sprinter Van Shower