Comfy Bed - Sprinter Van Conversion

We wanted a large comfy bed, not always possible in space of 3 meters by 1.8 meters, if a shower and toilet room is planned. The solution we opted for was a raised slide out bed. Tried and tested guaranteed to work.

End result a large comfy bed that slides out over the kitchen and seating area, plus a large garage space. Downside when the beds out you lose your kitchen, table and chairs. But we still have access to the stove.

Sprinter Van

The construction is simple, a fixed section with a slide out part and bed slates. The slid out section runs on a metal frame which is welded to the ribs of the van.

On either side of the van I welded three steel flat bars to the side of the van. To the bars welded a length of steel angle.

The angle bar shown after the wall board fitted.

Sprinter Van BedSprinter Van Bed

Followed by welding two box section tubes for the fixed part to the angle iron, a third tube for the slide out part.

Now screw every alternative wooden slat to the fixed part to the box section and the reaming slats to the box section that slides out.

The bed pulled out with the mattress folded in the stored position. You can see how the slats slide together

Sprinter Van Bed

The detailing where the slats are screwed to the slide out box section looks messy, to tidy this up I attached a length of aluminium angle.

Sprinter Van Bed

The mattress is super comfy, we brought it from Ikea – I think its called ‘Malfors’. A sharp bread knife trimed it to size, finally cut it in half so it folds over easily.